Who Am I?

About Sujith : Who Am I?

I know you all must be curious about who your thesis coach is. Well, I am nothing special as I share the same passion towards the advancements in research areas and constantly go through the review articles, content analysis, primary researches, and academic blogs.
After spending over 9 years in the academic research field and putting my hard efforts into studying different trends in the technical domains, I finally decided to help the beginners and future of research. Throughout these years, I got to learn a lot about the innovations and developments in every research area.
Therefore, I got the motivation to analyse the research trends in various research fields and contribute the knowledge I received to the masses in the best way I can: sharing that knowledge.

sujith sukumaran| thesis coach

Brief Info

Academic Qualification

I have been a passionate researcher all my career and have more than 1500 hours of consulting experience to doctoral candidates. I have consulted and worked with PhD research scholars from India and across the globe. My education entails a doctoral course in Technology Management, M.Tech in Applied Electronics and a Management master’s degree.


For the past 9 years, I have been into the doctoral academic research field exploring the trends in various technical domains to keep myself updated.

Success Rate

With over 97% of client satisfaction rate, I have provided research related consultancy and assistance to over 1950 PhD students for their research projects.

Benefits of Working Together with a Personal Thesis Coach

Studying is often considered an easy task by some, but those who have embarked on a journey to complete a PhD thesis or dissertation know otherwise. I understand this sentiment all too well, as I have personally experienced the challenges that come with such a pursuit. As your personal thesis coach, I am here to guide you through this demanding process, offering valuable support and expertise every step of the way.

With a focus on PhD thesis guidance, I want to make it clear that I do not simply provide you with recommendations to blindly follow in your research. Instead, my dedicated team and I offer interactive sessions that enable you to delve deep into your specific areas of interest. Together, we explore various options and identify the approach that best aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Getting scared image| PhD Thesis Consultancy

One of the biggest obstacles to the development of your PhD research is the overwhelming feeling of fear. As a personal thesis coach specializing in PhD thesis guidance, I understand the detrimental impact that fear can have on your progress and passion. That's why it's crucial to eliminate fear before it extinguishes your drive to excel.

LET THE THOUGHT SETTLE image| Thesis Coach
PhD Thesis Coaching

While selecting a research topic, evaluate the pros and cons of different topics. Let the idea of the selected topic settle well in your subconscious before starting the research so that you don’t have a change of mind midway.

READ AND PROOFREAD for phd thesis| Best thesis coach

After writing your thesis’ first draft, read it. See if it sounds intelligible to you as much as the references you used were.If something seems off, then proofread it right there.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is both No and Yes. We offer a consultation service backed with language enhancement and helping you get over writer’s block. We assist with thesis writing service where the research scholar has weak English, though knows his/her subject area.
No, I am not a professor of any University. I have been providing academic research assistance to scholars from different domains for more than 9 years now which provides me with the knowledge and experience to guide young researchers during their PhD journeys.
I have built a small team of experts during my professional growth which consists of 9 members (excluding me) as of now. There are academic writers/editors, analysts, statisticians and technical researchers from major domains to complement each other.
I am sorry, but no, that is not the case. The initial discussion; however, is free of cost where you can share your requirements and discuss the possible outcomes, but providing consulting services charges the consultancy fee.
The initial discussion can include information sharing, service suggestions or suggestions regarding what you need to do next in your research. However, it does not include crucial tips or research ideas as it is provided in the consultancy.

Shall We Initiate The Discussion?

There are no charges on the initial discussion, so what’s keeping you from clearing your doubts? Send your queries at info@thesiscoach.in.