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Common Issues And Solutions In Thesis Development

Be it academic writing or creative writing, there are a few challenges that every author faces. Same is the case with thesis writing. However, these challenges can lead to a failure in completing the PhD thesis development which is why they need to be solved as soon as possible.

Common Issues One Faces During PhD Thesis Development

There are a few issues which become less complicated with time and experience. However, when the authors are young researchers, these issues can take the shape of hurdles as well. In order to understand the specific issue that is stopping you from completing your academic research, here are a few common issues along with their signs or reasons.

Writer’s Block

The most common of all is the writer’s block. Some suffer from it while starting the writing process, some get stuck midway, and others have trouble finishing the thesis writing.

Symptoms of Writer’s Block
  • Getting no idea where to start or proceed with the writing.
  • The opinions and research ideas keep on changing every time you sit to write.
  • You are unable to focus even while reading and studying previous literature.
  • Running Out Of Time

    The second in this list is time limitation. A lot of scholars and academicians keep on dwelling on the information gathering part that they run out of the time required for writing

    Reasons of Time Limitation
    • The author keeps procrastinating or delaying the writing process
    • Keeps on reading, reading, and reading some more
    • Didn’t plan or organize the tasks as per the time
    Excessive Information

    Another challenge often faced during the PhD Thesis development is availability of excessive information on the topic chosen. It can become troublesome when there is a given word limit.

    Symptoms of Excessive Information
    • A lot of previous studies have been done in the same area within the past couple of years
    • Hard to distinguish between the required information and information that can be skipped
    Lack Of Information

    Having excessive information is not the only issue with the information collection process, as the researchers might also face the issue of lacking information.

    Symptoms of Lacking Information
    • The data is not answering the research hypothesis.
    • The research questions are not answered with justified evidence.There are many gaps in the research.
    • The research questions are not answered with justified evidence.
    Lacking Confidence

    This is another common issue which is mostly seen in the students developing their research thesis for the first time and it can lead to other issues mentioned above as well.

    Symptoms of Low Confidence
    • Constant fear of failure or rejection
    • Trying constantly to bring perfection in the thesis
    • Having unnecessary doubts in every chapter

    Solutions For The Problems Faced While Writing The PhD Thesis

    Are you also facing one of the issues mentioned above while writing your thesis? Do not worry, because the Thesis Coach has got your back. There are solutions to all the problems there are, you just need the right guidance. Below are the solutions to the problems mentioned above.

    Breaking Through Writer’s Block

    You can read the early signs of writer’s block and take precautions before it gets worse. Take a break after completing a section rather than over-exhausting yourself. In case you are stuck with how to start or end, start reading more studies. See how other researchers begin with or wrap up their research in the final sections. Try with a rough draft first and finalize it later.

    Time Management

    Start your thesis writing process with more than one timeline. Put smaller goals and set a time period for every chapter rather than setting one final timeline. Make estimations on the complexity and keep a day or two as the grace period. This way, you can stay focused and keep the timeline under your control. You can also make changes in the later timelines, if one of the middle chapters takes longer than expected.

    Organized Information

    When there is excessive information on a research topic, it is better to organize it side by side while collecting it. You can make categories as per the year of publication, research purpose, research questions, validity to the current research, and relativity to the current problem statement. This way you can prioritize the information. Do not give in to the urge of including all the information as it can leave a negative impact on the supervisor.

    Planned Data Collection

    There could be two major reasons for lacking information; first, the topic is recent and lacks enough studies to be included in the thesis development and second, the questionnaire developed or the data collected did not fulfill the requirements and answered the research questions. In both cases, the research topic needs to be planned so that the data can be divided and used accordingly and in case of limited information, the topic area can be widened.

    Boosting Confidence

    Lack of confidence can just be the outcome of fear of trying something new. Also, it could be an after-effect of anxiety as well. Therefore, the thesis coach suggests you to meditate and try exercises to relax yourself. Take one task at a time and complete it with dedication. Build confidence in your work by letting your friends analyze your research first and provide you with their feedback. Get your work proofread by an expert and work on the suggestions made by them.

    Problems need to be solved before they become a burden on your PhD completion. Some issues are beyond our control and may need consultancy from the experts who have gone through similar phases too.

    Let our experts help you with ideas to resolve your problems.