Statistics pose a serious threat to most researchers because of the complexity involved while handling vast quantitative data. This is where the role of statisticians comes into the picture who can take the stress out of a scholar’s mind, thereby easing their task of analysing the gathered data.

We at Thesis Coach provide you a platform to interact with qualified statisticians who have years of experience of working with quantitative data in various domains of study. Our statisticians hold technical expertise of handling sampling methods and tools, and statistical analysis and interpretation. We make sure to select and opt for the methods and statistical tools that best suit the type of data you have gathered. You can get our assistance on almost any subject area, be it management, economics, science, or agriculture. Our team of experienced personnel also helps you to interpret and summarize the results which again comprise of large volume of data that can confuse the scholars. Statisticians can also guide you about the use of different software for analysing numerical data such as SPSS, STATA and AMOS.

The services offered by statisticians also include follow-up assistance, whereby, regular discussions are held with the researcher, if any query persists. We provide you guidance at every stage of your research, creating a learning experience for you. You can take our consultancy services by filling in your details at