About Us

As the name indicates, Thesis Coach is a reputed company which offers guidance to PhD students on writing thesis or dissertations. The coaches offered by the company know how to provide the required motivation to the students in order to come up with the best results within the stipulated time. The personal thesis coach assigned to guide you would create a calendar after getting the details of the thesis in order to complete the thesis on time.

The company also provides training sessions throughout the different stages of writing the thesis. The thesis assistance offered by Thesis Coach comprises of a number of tips on maintaining good relationships with the members of the committee, meeting deadlines, etc. The technical aspects related to completing the thesis including analysis plans, research designs, etc. is also dealt with here.

The thesis coaches of the company helps you a great deal by teaching how to move on with your priorities instead of procrastinating, establish as well as stick on to a realistic schedule for writing the thesis, and set only attainable goals. They also teach you to stay focused and relaxed while encountering obstacles during the preparation of the thesis.

Thesis Coach also offers services like editing, defense preparation, and so on.